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Wednesday, August 12, 2009
After 1+ years of forced sabbatical(i shud say) back with a bang (refer title) to blogosphere ;) Many things have changed in this time. I got a life partner. MJ is dead, .... ,... many to say. Will post regularly from now.......
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Monday, April 21, 2008
Had a hectic week, my heart and mind was craving for a break. Thanks to Times of India for giving the break i needed in my most favourite form, MUSIC. The man whose songs i have been listening right from my child hood performed in Chennai, eventhough this is not the first time am attending his concert, it was different from the previous ones, this post is just an effort to jot down my 3.5 hrs of experience. Fortunately my buddy Sathya got a ticket for me. I reached the place by around 6 PM. As expected the place was crowded. But this time the crowd was different, it was composed full of college students and lower band of IT employees(i mean the youngsters). There was electrifying enthu floating all around.
Too much of mobile conversations, SMS ing happened. I imagined that if i had a specs to view the communication signals, then everything around me would appear opaque :). It all started at 7PM, when VJ adhiraj(i suppose it is him) initiated the show. The Guru came into the stage singing Jaage hain.... from Guru.
I dunno why but great music directors always have a unique voice, e.g. Raja. This man has the same too. I was a bit bored thinking that he might perform the same songs as the previous concert, but he again proved why he is a genius. He had understood the pulse of audience, this time the set of songs was completely different and it was a mix of all genres.
Then Shankar came into the stage with his national award winning song Vaaraga nadhikarai oram.... from Sangamam. When he sung the lines "Panjavarna kizhi neee parandha pinnalum....." from charanam i remembered those good old days, when i was in school and listened this song 5 times a day enjoying the music with my close buddy Vijay, i wished he was there with me to recollect. He is in bombay now. Both of us have exactly the same taste for music.Yet another highlight of this concert was a bass guitarist named Steve, he resembled actor pasupathi in his looks. Oh man what a performance with the guitar. He started with a heavy metal kinda stuff and ended in the prelude of the song "Enakoru girl friend venum...." from BOYS. I cudnt do anything but dance for the awesome beats and rhythm of the genius. The genius displayed his likeness for all kinds of music by alloting Nityashree Mahadevan a separate 10 minutes. She sung an alap for around 5 minutes with thavil and drums in background. She looked so adorable in the pattu sari. Then she sung one of my all time fav songs "Kannodu kaanbathellaam..." from Jeans. I thought he has composed some songs upto Raja's calibre. Another special needs to be given to the fusion piece done by Sivamani, Srinivas in mridangam and the thavil guy. It was mind boggling, sivamani started creating music from VIP luggage and mineral water cans. I remembered the comedy from vadivelu "Isai engerndhu varudhu theriyuma" :), this guy justifies the statement "Music is everywhere". Then the man himself sung Pray for me brother.... all of us started waving our mobile fones(the 21st century equivalent of candle light :)) In the middle he commented that "Indha maadhiri satham kettu rendu varusham aachu", i thought "Neenga chennaila indha maadhiri concert panni rendu varusham aachu". Since there was too much of dancing for us, we were exhausted, nalla velaya the ppl residing close to the ground were offering water through their windows to the ppl in ground. It means a lot to offer free water for so much ppl. It requires a good heart. Vaazhga engalukku thanni kodutha andha AKKA. We went there and quenched our thirst, aana isai thaagam adanga villai.
Then the genius continued his feat by singing "Khwaja mere..." from Jodhaa Akbar, he performed it with a simple harmonium. We closed our eyes for a few minutes and joined the man in his spiritual journey. One more interesting thing it noticed was that some caucasians started dancing for chayya chayya and maduraiku pogathadi. I was proud to see this, inspite of having zero affinity to our culture, they enjoy his music.Then the concert ended as usual with "Arabi kadalorum.." and Vandhe mataram. I left the place a few minutes before to avoid last minute rush. My only disappointment was that he didnt sing "Khalbali.." from RDB. With a happy heart, reached home and continued with my hectic week in office. Now am typing this before my system in home, inniku kaalaila naalu maniku veetuku vandhalum, thirumbi office ponumey. Pozhapu vera interest vera............


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Have they failed?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The they in the title refers to leaders cum revolutionaries like Karl Marx, Che guevera. I am not a communist, but i like the idea of "all are equal". I have not read any books written by communist leaders so far. But i know the essence of their concept by reading some small articles. So i take the liberty of commenting on some communists i have encountered. Today i boarded the bus as usual at 9:00 AM. usually there ll be a break of 5 - 10 mins for the driver. To my surprise 2 guys dressed in bright red shirts came into the bus, one of them started collecting money while the other stood near the gear box and gave a short lecture for a minute.
His lecture was as follows "India makkale, Nepala naatil mannar aatchiyai ozhikka maoist poraaligal poradi varugiraargal. Adhai thadukka america vin kai kooli aana India arasu than raanuvathai anupugiradhu. Arasaanga panathil thindru kolutha raanuva veerargalin thalaivar, nepalathil maoist aatchi amaya vida maatom endru peti koduthullar. Idhai thadukka naam poraaduvom....." i dont remember all the words. Then the other person came near me and showed the box, i noticed that they gave a pamphet to those donated money. Since i was so curious to read about it i gave an amount. He handed the pamphlet to me. It had a long story about how nepal has starved in monarchy, how the maoists came into picture, how US plays politics to avoid another communist nation and bla bla.
I wondered why are some ppl who are living in a southern state of India feel so much for ppl in Nepal?Are we in a developed country or super power and all our ppl are satisfied and rich so that we have time to think about neighboring countries? We have millions of problem in India which are yet to be resolved, numerous of our fellow citizens are suffering without basic needs.But putting aside all these things the communists whom i saw today are more worried about establishing a communist government in some other part of the world and they speak ill of their own military force who suffer hard day and night to keep them peaceful. Is this the communism that Karl Marx and Ernesto Che guevera would have intended to spread through out the world. IMHO definitely not.
They also said that some nepalist maoist leader is gonna give a speech about this in public.In the same chennai city around 5kms far from the location where they are collecting money,exists a grade separator construction which has not been completed for more than a year and is causing huge trouble for the commuters. Why cant these ppl held a poraatam or aarpaatam to force the govt. to take fast action, instead they are collecting money to spend for some unnecessary problem which most of our ppl might not be aware of. This prompted me to ask the question, HAVE THEY FAILED in imparting communism to the world? I wud say Kamal's Anbe Sivam gives us the better meaning of communism rather.In my belief communism is helping the needy and not conducting rallies and meetings in public.
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Sariya Idhu Thavaraaa?

Friday, February 01, 2008
3.5 years ago when i was in the final year of Engineering hardly 50 ppl from my college got a job in campus. but now the situation is reverse, in a batch of 500 ppl only 50 ppl dont get a (gud)job in campus. Thanks to the outsourcing veri of americans. This campus drive has reached its peak with this year when 3rd year students start getting placed even before they get their 6th sem results. The effect of this premature recruitment has started showing its effects. This year the whole Anna Univ's final year results had a sharp drop in the average percentage. I dunno the stats, but i ve enquired with many ppl from many colleges including my sister's and cousins. All sing the same song of final year students performing badly. The root cause is known obviously. In INDIA, especially in non elite institutions we ppl believe that studying is only to get a job.
Even though it is the primary reason, gaining knowledge also has importance. But we ppl ignore the latter. One of my frends says,"Padikardhu velai kedaikardhukku thaan, adhaan ippovey kedachiruchu, inimey minimal aa padicha podhum". Even if we put good efforts, we dont get the targeted marks due to faulty correction and stuff, but when we prepare minimally for an exam, the outcome is gonna be disastrous and tats what has happened now. the IT cos in the race to acquire the fresh creamy layer of the lot, start their recruitment process as early as possible, the worst case is that they recruit a student with 2 semesters pending. Atleast the recruitment procedure should be fair enough to test whether he has the consistency and motivation. But most companies have loopholes in their recruitment procedures nowadays. I ve heard facts about 20 ppl being sacked after a month of training in a company, since none of them opened their mouth during training sessions. Since these companies recruit almost everyone, most of the students who get placed in their pre final year ignore the studies and start enjoying life for the next 1 year. Colleges also mind only about the placement records. The drop in the final year performance is primarily because of this premature placement of students with gud pay packages. Just before a couple of days i thought why cant Anna Univ bring a rule that campus placement should start only after 7th semester. Today i heard that VC of ANNA UNIV has made an announcement for the same. Kudos to him. This is very good move, now the students will have some responsibility and interest in the studies...............

P.S: The above pose does not imply that the students currently in final year are unfit to work. It does not mean that i am very responsible and studious. If i have been placed in 3rd year i wud have been more reluctant. Thank GOD it didnt happen, else i wud have become lazy.


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Sleepless nights...................

Friday, December 21, 2007
Nowa(nights)days am not able to sleep too early, it is taking a minimum of 2 am every time, something is preventing me from sleeping, irrespective of i have to go to office or am in home, am not able to sleep as i used to before, since idle mind is the devil's workshop and i dont want to let devil in as its already there i keep watching movies, till i feel some need for closure in my eyes, checked whether its due to some high BP or what, negative. My mom is accusing my onsite trip after which am not sleeping properly, searching for an answer on why am not able to sleep, may be i shud try reading some history books :)
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Indha 7 naatkalil naan rasithavai

Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Just wanted to post the things that i enjoyed in the past 1 week.Since a scarcity for melodies has been existing offlate in Tamil film industry, i just tuned into some gemini and kiran tv instead of SUN music. Got this song as an accident in Kiran TV. This is from a movie named Nivedhyam, what an amazing composition and rendition by Vijay, Yesudas has gifted this world with a person who can sing like the genius himself. I keep hummin this songs atleast 20 times a day. Out of curiosity listened to all other songs in this movie, wow gud songs with Carnatic base, but this is my pick.

The next thing, i shud say a person rather. Happened to watch Tamil M.A. The heroine looked so cute an attractive, saw the movie twice for her, she is not like the stereotype heroines, but looks beautiful.

The other thing that i enjoyed was a small title music for the serial "Kadhalikka Neramillai" from VIJAY TV featuring Prajan, am not a fan of him, but the music was so gud, it was a kinda hip hop with carnatic flavour. Gud one.

The next one is a comedy from Marudhamalai, vadivelu has gone to extreme levels. The moment he says "Naan shock aagiten" i burst into laughter. LOL......

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Thursday, November 15, 2007
One Line Story:

Sachin misses century for the 15th time

Moral of the story:
Being over cautious will lead to failure, no matter how skilled you are.....
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